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Triathlon Injury Prevention Specialist


"I thought it was great information and easy to follow." - Debra Miller



"The information I learned in this course will definitely help me train many of my clients that are into these types of sports. I really enjoyed this course.” - Kim Bolton



"Great information provided. I am personally training for 2 this summer found this very informative. Lots of things I had not thought of or didn't know. Thanks " - Angela Beshears


"I learned knowledge on proper techniques - whether it be on preventing injury to your shoulder in a freestyle stroke or knee alignment in riding a bike." - Karen Kovalevsky-McAfee


"I gained a lot of new tips and tricks of how to become a better and healthier athlete. I will be applying the content to my Triathlete clients." - Angela Axmann


"As a trainer and active triathlete for more than 10 years, I was happy this that this material was available!” Brandy Woodall


"Although I am not a triathlete, I feel competent to advise and train for a triathlon. Thank you" - Patricia Hagan


"I am an instructor and also training for my first triathlon. I found the information helpful professionally & personally.” - Kathleen Burke


"Great course. Also learned a lot about trigger points.” - Stephanie Corey-Patterson


"Great course." - Aaron Robinet

"Easy to follow. Great motivational tips.” - Martini Piscatelli


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Triathlon Injury Prevention Specialist
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